Why do I need to submit examples of my work?

Samples of your work give us a sense of what we can expect you to use your studio to create. They also help us ensure applicants are actively making work.

In addition, studios will be open to the public during such events as the Art and Studio Tour  and First Fridays. While you are in no way obligated to participate, the hope is that the artistic community of 150 Bay will take these opportunities to display their work.

By which criteria are the artworks I submit being evaluated?

We are looking to fill studios with active artists who demonstrate through their work knowledge of the fundamental principles of the artmaking process. This includes, but is not limited to:

-Concept or idea
-Use of materials suitable for a shared studio environment

Is there a fee to apply?


What is the process?

Fully complete your application form including the following uploads:

  • Upload of your most recent CV/ Resume
  • Upload of at least 6 but no more than 12 different examples of your artwork (photos along with corresponding information and descriptions of each piece)
  • Upload documentation of your most recent FICO Credit Score and Credit Report

Once you have submitted the entire application, your artwork along with your Resume/ CV and information that you provided within the form will be evaluated by the ART150 Review Committee.

The ART150 Review Committee will be made up of gallery directors, independent curators, arts professors, and artists with no conflict of interest.

Should the ART150 Review Committee recommend your application tenancy at ART150 Studios, GFP Real Estate will then review all of the financial information you provided in your application.

After review of financial information, should you qualify for a studio space, you will be sent a license agreement for your studio space and a representative from GFP Real Estate will reach out to you requesting a one-month security deposit securing your studio space.

How are applications judged/ vetted?

Your application, examples of artwork and financial background/ history, will all be taken into consideration when reviewing each application. Applications will be reviewed and vetted on a first come first serve basis with preference going to applicants that are deemed a good fit for ART150 Studios community.

May I share my studio with another artist?

Yes, but they must apply and be accepted through our committee.


What are the size and cost of the studios?

The ART150 studios run from 200 – 1,200+  square feet. The range varies from $284 to $1,700+ per space. Rents are calculated based on the square footage of the unit/ space. All utilities are included.

Is there a minimum or maximum term that you are allowed to rent your studio for?

We will consider all term lengths from months up to a maximum of 10 years.

When will the spaces be ready to move-in? May I secure my studio after they are built instead of before?

The studios are in the construction phase and we anticipate that they will be ready March of 2020. If the studio is not secured by the accepted applicant at this juncture, the studio will be offered to the next accepted applicant.  Your application will remain in the pool and if a unit is available when the studios are complete, you may secure a studio at the time.  There will be no holding of studios.

What are the specifications for each studio space?

Ceiling Heights: 12’ high slab-to-slab
Walls: 8’ high
Electrical: At least one outlet will provided within each studio space.
Windows: On studios along the floor’s perimeter only.
Wiring: At tenants, own cost and expense

Are the walls full height?

No. To accommodate HVAC for each studio and keep the rents affordable, the walls do not reach the ceiling.

What are the hours of access to the studio spaces?

ART150 tenants will have 24/7 access to their space via key card to the floor and then key to your personal studio.

Is there communal space for all artist tenants? Will there be maintenance in the common areas?

Yes, there is communal slop sinks and a pantry area for all tenants’usage. There is also an entry communal lounge area as well as men’s, women’s and ADA bathrooms located on the floor. We will have a porter to clean once a day in the common areas and trash within these areas will be serviced once a day Monday thru Friday. All artists will be expected to help maintain and clean up after themselves, which will be defined in the building rules.

Is parking available?

There is no parking provided on-site but there are many options for daily or monthly parking at lots close by. Additionally there is on-street parking available with permits required. Permits can be obtained by applying thru the city at the following link:

Does the space offer equipment or tools for use by the tenants?

No, ART150 STUDIOS does not have equipment or tools for usage by tenants. Tenants should bring their own equipment or tools which they need to use within their space as long as they are permissible by ART150.

Is there freight elevator access?

Yes, through Keepers Self Storage located at 157 First Street.  Access is NOT 24/7 and may only be used during Keepers hours of operation 8AM – 7:30PM.

Where will my entrance be? Will there be security?

Access will be on First Street, a new lobby is being built with an intercom system that you and your guests will use for access. We will have cameras in the lobby and common area hallways.

Will there be a mail or package room?

No, artists must use an alternate address to receive mail and or packages.

Will there be building rules?

Yes. Upon signing, each artist will review and agree to a set of guidelines